Being and becoming a parent is a wonderful yet challenging experience.  However, sometimes your birth or your early days as a parent don’t happen as you’ve planned them. These emotional experiences and a struggle to let them go can sometimes interfere with your happiness. 

While you have been busy to get to know your new baby or babies and the new you as a parent your brain and body have been busy recovering from the birth of your baby. No matter which way your baby came into this world, it is normal and understandable that both parents would like to process and talk about their birth experience. Some sooner than others and some more often than others.

You might feel that you have dealt with the memory and the emotions or might be to busy to think about it. That’s fine.

Now, that you are pregnant again you are expected to feel happy and excited. But instead, you feel uncomfortable and stressed when thinking about giving birth again. You may even feel anxious or terrified. Maybe, you would love to have another baby but cannot bear the thought of being pregnant or giving birth again so you keep putting it off.

Maybe your previous birth experience was traumatic or you have heard too many horror stories (if this is your first pregnancy) and you just feel too emotional about the pregnancy or birth to be enjoying this pregnancy.

You might be constantly anxious and worried about giving birth or being pregnant. You are having flashbacks, and nightmares and feel hypersensitive.  You are regularly reliving the traumatic experience or feel you’ve experienced some of the stories you have been told?

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms above although the event is more than three months in the past?

Yes? You are not alone! This is very common and can usually be treated easily, effectively and in a non-invasive way! I can help you move on!

The Technique

I am a qualified and experienced Perinatal Practitioner and I am using a technique called the Rewind Technique. A quick, non-invasive and very effective technique to treat trauma and phobias. Usually, you will only need one treatment. This technique is safe during pregnancy and is effective for both women and men. The Rewind Technique can remove phobias, treat tocophobia (fear of giving birth) and other fears and is also used to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The Rewind Technique is used while you are in deep relaxation. After the initial consultation, I will prepare a personalised Rewind Script for you to treat your fears. The Rewind process activates your own ability to heal. The Rewind Technique releases the feelings associated with your birth experience and deals with them so that you can look back and remember your birth experience without having negative feelings about it. You will still be able to remember your experiences but they will no longer provoke any anxiety.

Besides being safe, quick and painless, the technique has the advantage that any intimate details do not have to be shared with the practitioner. You’ll need to think about your memory for the treatment to work but there is no need to share it with me.

Number of sessions and cost:

The three sessions include a 45-60-minute initial consultation, a 45-60-minute ‘rewind’ as well as a follow-up session and cost £110. You will usually only need one ‘rewind’!

The treatment will be offered in the comfort of your own home. If you do not feel comfortable at home, please do let me know upon booking your appointment and I will find an alternative venue for us.

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