You are expecting more than one baby? Don’t worry! This 2.5-hour workshop is specially designed for people expecting twins, triplets, or more! You can use it as a stand-alone class, especially if you are already doing other birth preparation courses or you can book one of my Antenal Courses and let me know that you are expecting twins or more and this will be a tailored course for you and your birth partner (most commonly chosen is a 6-hour course in a 3 x 2-hour format).

This Antenatal Class for parents expecting Tins & Multiples as a stand-alone covers considerations specific to multiples during labour and birth such as common medical concerns, birth order, prematurity, and unexpected outcomes. It also covers parenting i.e. breastfeeding more than one baby, sibling relationships, essential equipment, sleep and looking after multiple babies.

Life with multiples can be much more enjoyable when you know what to expect!

This workshop can run at your home or at teacher’s home.

The cost of the class as a 1:1 is £85 and the group class (up to 5 expectant parents) is £40 for a 2.5hr class.

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