Pregnancy & New Parent Timeline – what to do and expect

Pregnancy & New Parent Timeline – what to do and expect

During pregnancy

  • Start Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • Health Visitor and/or Midwife visits your home

Day one

  • APGAR score for baby
  • Vitamin K offered to be given to your baby/babies
  • Midwife or a member of the paediatric team check your baby over before you’ll leave the hospital or midwife-led unit.
  • Newborn hearing screening – before you leave the hospital or within the first few weeks
  • Mum and baby/babies can leave the hospital. After a straightforward birth and with healthy mum and baby/babies they can leave the hospital on the same day. After a Caesarean Birth, you can usually leave 2 days after giving birth.
  • You’ll receive the red book for your baby’s growth charts and vaccination schedule etc. – some areas also offer an online red book.

Once at home

  • Mother and baby/babies will get midwife home visits for checks on day 1, 3 and 5. More often if necessary.
  • Mother on emotional high: days 1-3
  • Baby might develop jaundice: 2-3 days. Usually clears by week 2.
  • Milk comes in, days 3-5
  • Baby blues, days 3-5
  • Newborn blood spot test, day 5
  • Umbilical cord stump falls off, day 7
  • Lochia (postpartum blood loss) stops, 2-6 weeks
  • Discharged from midwifery care, between 10-28 days
  • Mother and baby postnatal check by GP: 6-8 weeks
  • Resume light exercise and sex: from after GP postnatal check, from 6-8 weeks


The dates are a rough guide and average only. This list does not give or replace medical advice. If you are concerned about yourself, your partner or your baby, please see your health care professional for help. Thank you.

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