What the… COT!?

What the… COT!?

Where will our baby/babies sleep? Which type of bed will fit into our bedroom? How long can they stay in that bed? How long will a Moses basket last us? Will our twins fit into a bedside crib? All very valid questions when it comes to making your decisions on where your baby/babies will sleep. Now, you’ll probably find that a cot bed will be overall the best value for money, as they can sleep in it until they are toddlers / young children. They will last them at least 4 years… BUT they are huge! A cot bed may not fit into your bedroom along your bed 🤔 So, what now?

A Moses basket can be carried and is quite small so won’t take up much space in your living space or bedroom, however, most babies outgrow these before they are six months old. Which then leaves you with having to find another sleep environment for them that fits into your bedroom, as the current recommendation is to have your baby/babies sleep in the same room as at least one of their parents for 6 months.

A crib is a little bigger than a Moses basket and sturdier and should last you for the 6 months.

A bedside crib is a little bigger again, well, wider at least and is a great Moses basket alternative for co-bedding twins.

A cot is big enough and so is a cot bed. Just depends on whether either of them fit into the same room as you and your bed 😉

For most up-to-date sleep recommendations and advice please visit the Lullaby Trust and BASIS Online.

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