Hypnobirthing FAQ

Hypnobirthing FAQ
Hypnobirthing FAQ

Who is a hypnobirthing course for?

My hypnobirthing workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to give their baby a gentle and loving start in life. If you want a positive experience of birth that you can look back and treasure – for the rest of your life, then my workshops are for you. Suitable for all types of birth including induction and caesarean birth. Expectant parents are bombarded with images, videos and stories of childbirth as a negative event. During my hypnobirthing workshops we’ll explore your thoughts, fears and experiences and help you regain your faith in your body and choices. Empowering you to make the right choices for your positive birth experience; and look forward to your birth experience.

When should I go to a hypnobirthing course?

Hypnobirthing courses are suitable from 20 weeks of gestation. Ideally, you’d like to give yourself and your partner some time to practice the techniques you learn during the course. The more you practice, the better it’ll work for you. However, most expectant parents join a class around 32-35 weeks of pregnancy.

Does my birth partner have to attend the course?

I strongly encourage birth partners to attend the course. Your birth partner is an essential part of your day and they’ll benefit from learning about your options and challenges during birth. It’ll help them to be more confident in supporting you.

Do I have to have a birth partner?

That’s up to you. Some mothers decide to have their partner or/and a doula or friend present at the birth, others chose to be on their own. It can be beneficial for the birthing process to have a familiar face in the room to keep you grounded, calm and comfortable. If you do have a birth partner, please encourage them to come along to the workshop!

I have experienced a birth trauma/negative birth experience – is hypnobirthing for me?

I am a trauma-informed doula and hypnobirthing practitioner. Hypnobirthing is your chance to do things differently this time, and maximise your body’s ability to have a positive and satisfying birth experience. Depending on whether you have or not dealt with your experience, you may also benefit from my birth trauma services before you are giving birth or trying to conceive.

What if I had a previous caesarean birth?

My hypnobirthing workshops can help you towards a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) by helping you to stay calm and confident throughout the birth. I have worked with many clients towards a positive VBAC experience. If you would like another caesarean birth this time, my hypnobirthing workshop can help you towards a gentle caesarean birth.

Does hypnobirthing replace medical pain relief options?

The short answer is no. The techniques you learn can be used instead of or alongside medical pain management options. However, using hypnobirthing techniques does increase your chances of using fewer pharmaceutical pain management options.

How does hypnobirthing work?

See my post “how does hypnobirthing work?”

What do midwives think about hypnobirthing?

That depends of course on the midwife… However, many midwives are also trained in hypnobirthing and teach hypnobirthing. If your midwife is not supportive, ask for a different one!

Do I have to have a homebirth?

No. Hypnobirthing is suitable for any birth environment.

Does hypnobirthing work for subsequent births?

Yes. Hypnobirthing works (if you practice!) for any birth.

How can my partner support me with hypnobirthing?

Coming along to the hypnobirthing workshop is a great start! Your partner may also wish to read up about hypnobirthing but that’s not essential. Have a look at my blog post “How does hypnobirthing work?” to find out about the science of hypnobirthing.

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