Your Birth Bag

Your Birth Bag

What are the things you really need to pack in your birth bag?

For mum

  • your maternity notes
  • birth preferences / plan (if you have)
  • TENS machine (if you are planning to use one)
  • warm socks in case you get cold feet during labour
  • light clothing (hospitals and birth units are often very warm)
  • Snacks and drinks (it is imprtant to snack and drink during labour to keep your energy up and stay hydrated)
  • Pants (x10 ish) – large comfy size. Most women prefer to wear cheap supermarket ones rather than disposable pants
  • Camera – if you wish to take pictures during labour or shortly after the birth of your baby
  •  birth ball (if your birth venue does not provide one)
  • a pillow from home (can make the birth venue feel less alien and more homely)
  • Hot/cold pack for back or tummy
  • books, games, music, knitting (whatever you fancy for distraction)
  • Comb or hairbrush for acupressure

For birth partner

  • light clothing & change of clothes
  • drinks & snacks
  • phone list / email list (if you wish to announce baby’s birth straight after)
  • change for parking (although most places offer payment by card or phone)
  • books, music, etc for distraction
  • BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Nothing)
  • camera (if you wish to take photos/video)
  • notebook and pen
  • mobile phone

For baby

  • nappies x 6
  • cotton wool
  • vests x 6
  • baby grows x 6
  • cardigan (for going outside / home)
  • hat (for going outside / home)
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