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Birth bag tips (COVID-19 TopUPs)

What to pack into your birth bag aka hospital bag during this pandemic? Are there any essentials that you've missed? Find out... Pack one bag for mum, one for baby/babies and one for your birth partner COVID-19 TopUPs are highlighted in bold Bag for mum Your birth plan and maternity notesComfy, lose-fit dressing gown Nighties… Continue reading Birth bag tips (COVID-19 TopUPs)

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Aromatherapy for Labour & Childbirth

Studies have found higher comfort and satisfaction when people use aromatherapy during labour. Some essential oils may help decreasing nausea and vomiting. In one large study, more than 50% of mothers rated aromatherapy as helpful for coping with labour and birth. In general, aromatherapy may promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and promote greater satisfaction with your… Continue reading Aromatherapy for Labour & Childbirth

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Informed Choice

Pregnancy is often a woman's first significant introduction to the healthcare system. Suddenly, you have to make all sorts of decisions for you, your baby and your family unit. You'll be faced with difficult choices around your healthcare during your pregnancy and birth. Often you'll be influenced by healthcare professionals, your family and friends, media,… Continue reading Informed Choice

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Going to be a birth partner? Do’s and don’ts.

Attending childbirth preparation classes with your partner will help with your understanding of what is going on and what she is talking about. There is also some new vocabulary you may wish to learn. Be available by phone, especially closer to the due day. Have your own hospital or homebirth bag including: change of clothes, swimming trunks to… Continue reading Going to be a birth partner? Do’s and don’ts.

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A-Z of self-help for labour and birth

A Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Ask for information: the more you know, the more relaxed you'll feel, Fresh air B Breathe rhythmically, and relax as you breathe out, have a bath, birth ball, read a book, bake something C Cuddles, use electronic candles to lower the lighting and change the mood, change position, communication, comfort… Continue reading A-Z of self-help for labour and birth