Persuading the Hubby: Waterbirth in the kitchen by Lara Robinson

If you were lucky enough to delve between lines of this blog last week, you may remember the challenge I set myself persuading a sceptical Mr Hubby of the values of re-usable nappies.  Persuading the hubby can sometimes be like riding a bike uphill in a stiff wind, but just like the equally stiff windContinue reading “Persuading the Hubby: Waterbirth in the kitchen by Lara Robinson”

How to be a supportive birth partner #10

#10 Be strong for her and your baby Finally, yes, be strong. You have got this! You can do this! The midwives will be there to support you both also. Be strong, be confident! Thank you for following this little series. I hope you’ve found it helpful. All these tips have been collected from newContinue reading “How to be a supportive birth partner #10”

How to be a supportive birth partner #8

#8 Support her choices.  It is important that your partner feels supported in her choices. It may be beneficial to discuss her choices and agree on few prior to going in to labour. Some women choose to write a birth plan, others prefer to write down just a few preferences.  If you have strong believesContinue reading “How to be a supportive birth partner #8”

How to be a supportive birth partner #4

You are a very important part of the team! Please be assured that you are a very important part of the birthing team. Your partner will appreciate your help, so will your baby. A supportive birth partner will also make a midwife’s or other health professional’s job easier as usually a more relaxed mother willContinue reading “How to be a supportive birth partner #4”

How to be a supportive birth partner #3

Look after yourself, too! As a birth partner, you’ll need to be well and comfortable, too. The better you feel, the better and more supportive you are going to be for your partner. Make sure you * drink plenty of water and stay hydrated * eat * wear comfortable clothes * go to the toiletContinue reading “How to be a supportive birth partner #3”

Self-help skills for labour & Birth #2

Breathing You might breathe really fast or hold your breath when you are frightened. More adrenaline will be released and labour gets more painful.  When you are breathing slowly it will be easier for you to be calm and relaxed. Also your baby will be supplied with more oxygen. To calm yourself during and betweenContinue reading “Self-help skills for labour & Birth #2”

Self-help skills for labour & birth #1

Labour, how does it work? Oxytocin is the hormone which triggers your contractions and keeps them coming. Oxytocin is also known as the hormone of love. At the same time, your body produces another hormone, prostaglandin, which helps softening the neck of your womb (the cervix) to help it to open up (dilate) to allowContinue reading “Self-help skills for labour & birth #1”