Aromatherapy for Labour & Childbirth

Studies have found higher comfort and satisfaction when people use aromatherapy during labour. Some essential oils may help decreasing nausea and vomiting. In one large study, more than 50% of mothers rated aromatherapy as helpful for coping with labour and birth. In general, aromatherapy may promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and promote greater satisfaction with yourContinue reading “Aromatherapy for Labour & Childbirth”

Informed Choice

Pregnancy is often a woman’s first significant introduction to the healthcare system. Suddenly, you have to make all sorts of decisions for you, your baby and your family unit. You’ll be faced with difficult choices around your healthcare during your pregnancy and birth. Often you’ll be influenced by healthcare professionals, your family and friends, media,Continue reading “Informed Choice”

A-Z of self-help for labour and birth

A Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Ask for information: the more you know, the more relaxed you’ll feel, Fresh air B Breathe rhythmically, and relax as you breathe out, have a bath, birth ball, read a book, bake something C Cuddles, use electronic candles to lower the lighting and change the mood, change position, communication, comfortContinue reading “A-Z of self-help for labour and birth”

Self-help skills for Labour & Birth #12

Water (Hydrotherapy) Water is a drug-free form of pain relief in labour. It works best when you can get your bump covered. Also, make sure the water is warm but not hot. Sometimes, water may slow down labour, especially if used too early. Therefore midwives usually recommend to wait until you are in established labourContinue reading “Self-help skills for Labour & Birth #12”

Self-help skills for Labour & Birth #8

The birth space To make your birth space your own and make it as comfortable as possible you might wish to take your own pillow(s), blanket(s), music, drinks and snacks. It might also help to change & adjust the lighting in the room or the room temperature. You may also ask for equipment e.g. birthContinue reading “Self-help skills for Labour & Birth #8”