How to be a supportive birth partner #3

Look after yourself, too! As a birth partner, you’ll need to be well and comfortable, too. The better you feel, the better and more supportive you are going to be for your partner. Make sure you * drink plenty of water and stay hydrated * eat * wear comfortable clothes * go to the toiletContinue reading “How to be a supportive birth partner #3”

How to be a supportive Birth Partner #2

Be calm and patient. That will help her to stay calm, too When a mother is calm, her body will release Oxytocin more effectively. What is Oxytocin? Oxytocin is the hormone which triggers her contractions and keeps them coming. Oxytocin is also known as the hormone of love. At the same time, a mother’s bodyContinue reading “How to be a supportive Birth Partner #2”

Self-help skills for labour and birth #3

Choosing a birth partner It is important to have the right person / people with you during labour and birth. Birth partners can be more important than pain relief. When choosing your birth partner(s) think about: Who calms you down when your are anxious? Who has a calming influence and makes you feel loved? WhoContinue reading “Self-help skills for labour and birth #3”